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Fiona Clarke or Fiona Evans?

So which is it?  As a singer straight out of the Royal Academy of Music I had to use my Equity name to get work and so when I work as a musician, I’m Fiona Clarke.

However, my married name is Fiona Evans (my nickname, Effy, is just using the two initials of this and is much more ‘me’).  So when I teach in schools (who prefer you to be a Mrs!) I use Mrs Evans.
So, if you wish to read about my work as a musician look up my Music Guru Pages on this website!

MUSIC STOP PRESS - I've started a Military Wives Choir in Wallop. I was approached to do it and after only 3 sessions we've already got a brilliantly enthusiastic gang of 23 lovely ladies. It's a real tonic to work with them and I am LOVING working with them already! Anybody who is interested in joining or learning more about them, contact me via my email dizzysop@hotmail.com

I also use Fiona Evans for my creative work, and I now have a brand new website, www.fionaevansdesign.co.uk,which features all of my knitted creations. Click on the pictures below to see my work and how you can commission items.

  Also now on www.LoveLocal.com